Useful technical information about Tungum alloy tubing C69100

Listed below are the major technical details of Tungum alloy tubing C69100.

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Designing with Tungum including Oxygen compatibility

Tungum alloy tube C69100 is compatible with almost all fitting types.  Compression, flared, brazed and crimp type fittings are all compatible.

The most common type used is a 316 stainless steel compression fitting.
This gives several advantages over other materials such as:

  • Galvanic compatibility
  • Low cost
  • Proven combination in systems worldwide
  • 30 year + lifetime expectancy
  • Industry standard, no special tools required
  • Readily available

Tungum alloy tube C69100 is oxygen compatible and is used in both dive breathing air and medical gas systems.
Tungum conforms to ASTM G124-10 (2010) Gaseous Oxygen Service as tested by the BAM Federal Institute.

See the Designing with Tungum page for more information.

Tube Pressure Calculations

One of the questions we are regularly asked is where to find the pressure calculation formula values relating to Tungum alloy tubing C69100 . To assist with these calculations please go to our tube pressure calculator page.  This give maximum working pressure guidance based on ASME B31.3 requirements.

See the Tube Pressure Calculation page for more information.

Corrosion Resistance

One of the main benefits of Tungum alloy tubing C69100 is its excellent resistance to both pitting and crevice corrosion in offshore service

It also has a high level of general corrosion resistance, allowing it to be specified for use in systems containing, or operating in the presence of a variety of substances and solutions.

See the Corrosion Resistance page for more information on this and NACE, PREN, G48 and CPT testing.

Temperature Characterisitics

Elevated temperature testing and fatigue and low temperature characteristics have been established through both testing and installation application experience.

See the Temperature Characteristics page for more information.

Chemical Composition

Tungum alloy tubing C69100 is an Aluminium-Nickel-Silicon-Brass alloy.  The unique combination of these elements give it its high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.

See the Chemical Composition page for more information.

Other technical information

For more information on the following please see the individual technical pages:

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