Design and Installation Guidance

Tungum alloy tubing C69100 special combination of high strength and ductility make it one of the easier materials to use even in very complex systems.

We have listed some design and guidance notes below. Should you have any other questions related to installing Tungum, please contact us.

Design Guidance Notes

  • Select the appropriate wall section for the pressure and service.
  • Suggested maximum flow rate of liquids of 5 metres per second.
  • Where possible, design pipe runs to allow access and easy removal of equipment that may need regular servicing.
  • Ensure good clamping and supports are used to ensure vibration is controlled to an acceptable level. The recommended distance between clamping is 900mm approx.
  • Use clamps which are kind to the tube surface but which grip it firmly. Try to avoid metal on metal.
  • Use generous bends. Radius’s of 3 x the diameter are ideal. Try to use the same radius all the way through the system.
  • Try allow adequate room for clamping between bends.
  • Ensure each pipe fits correctly without imposing additional loads on couplings/pipe joints etc.
  • Protect small diameter pipe runs against being used as ladders or as a hand hold.

For more detailed information please download our Design and Installation Guide here.

Also see our ‘How to Videos’ on this page.

Operating parameters to consider

These are the basics to consider when selecting tube:

  • Working / design pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Operating environment

Remember the combination of outstanding corrosion resistance, cold working and clean bore characteristics of Tungum alloy give the advantage of:

  • No need for paint or other protective treatment to safeguard it from the elements
  • Reducing the time and cost incurred installing and purging a system
  • No specialist installation tools required
  • These features and benefits eliminate ongoing maintenance costs

Length of Tungum tube

Tube to specifications BS EN12449 CW700R and ASTM B706-TF00 C69100 is supplied in random lengths of 5.791 metres ( 19 feet ).


Dimensional tolerances for Tungum alloy tubing are stated in the appropriate specification – BS EN 12449 and ASTM B706.

Please refer to these specifications available from BSI and ASTM for full details.

To satisfy both specifications we manufacture Tungum to tolerances that exceed these requirements.

Condition (hardness) of tube supplied

Tungum alloy tubes are solid drawn (seamless), and are supplied in the “W.P” (precipitation hardened) condition within the tensile range required to meet the appropriate specification.

For the BSEN12449 CW700R specification this is condition R430.

For the ASTM B706 UNS69100 specification this is condition TF00.


Tungum tubing is maintained in both metric and imperial sizes. Most popular sizes are available from stock. However, if you have a non-standard size requirement, please contact us as this may require a special order.

If the range does not include your particular size requirement, please call us to discuss.

Supporting this is our network of distributors who offer stock, technical support and advice.

See the Distributors page for details.