MASTER VALVE, Brass – Oxygen Service to 6000 psig, Inert Service to 7800 psig (O-SEAL® Only)

•7800 psig (538 bar) in Inert Service (O-SEAL® Only)

•6000 psig (414 bar) in Oxygen Service

•Non-rising Stem Design

•Soft Disc (Seal) with Vespel® SP-21

•Low Operating Torque

•Ergonomic 4-Prong Handle Design

•Full Flow Capability

•Panel Mount Standard

•Vacuum Service Standard

•Oxygen Cleaned to CGA G-4.1 and ASTM G93 standards

•Dimensionally Interchangeable with Existing Offerings

GSB-G-2FS – with -2 O-SEAL® Ends - click here

GSB-G-4F – with ½” Female NPT Ends - click here

GSB-G-6F – with ¾” Female NPT Ends -click here