Tungum in Transportation

Tungum® tubing is installed for braking pneumatic and hydraulic lines for safety critical applications.

Tungum in Transportation Applications 

Tungum has been used in transportation applications for many years.

Safety critical systems such as braking pneumatic and hydraulic lines are a primary application.

Tungum fatigue and corrosion resistance is unrivaled for systems such as these. The constant vibration and shock that hydraulic and pneumatic tubing goes through is a real problem to designers.

Tungum is specified on the hydraulic systems for the M777 being made by UK BAE in Barrow in Furness destined for use by the US military.

Tungum is also one of the materials chosen for the “FRES” vehicle specification being headed up by General Dynamics.

The Bofors 155mm field Howitzer 77B – vibration resistance is key for this type of equipment for hydraulic lines.

UK’s rolling stock has used and continues to specify Tungum for its braking systems and hydraulic lines. 

Key benefits:

  1. High resistance to fatigue and shock
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. High strength to weight ratio
  4. Ease of manipulation, installation, flushing and commissioning
  5. Fit and forget
  6. Clean bore