Tungum in H2O watch GmbH

Dive Watches

H2O watch Gmbh have made a watch using Tungum due to its corrosion resistance in the marine environment!

H2O watch GmbH are a leading dive watch manufacturer, developing and manufacturing custom products. Their goal is to create an innovative, customizable dive watch, inspired by some vintage and modern design elements. 

Why do H2O use Tungum for their dive watches?  

Apart from being an incredibly attractive material with a lustrous appearance of 22 carat gold; Tungum alloy is well suited to marine environments. It is non-magnetic and non-sparking and is highly corrosion resistant to seawater and develops over time a wonderful patina.

The Kalmar TUNGUM Fixed Bezel features a Tungum case, bezel, crown guard and custom CNC machined buckle. The crown and exhibition case-back are made from DLC coated Titanium. 

H2O Kalmar Tungum Fixed Bezel  

This is our first diver’s model made from this exciting material. We had never really considered anything with a gold finish for H2O Watches, but when I was first introduced to this exotic alloy and saw for myself how lustrous it was and how luxurious its appearance was it made me think again. The fact that Tungum was also suitable for use in marine environments, owing to its high resistance to saltwater made it all the more appealing as a possible material for our watch-line.

As with our new Mokume Gane Fixed Bezel diver, the Tungum version also utilizes the same basic case design of our original Titanium Kalmar. It shares its 45mm case diameter and 3000 meters of water-resistance. The case design has in fact been officially certified by an independent German company specializing in deep sea equipment to 6000 meters.

Although still extreme dive watches; it was our aim that both new models would be introduce as more formal or dressy models, which we believe has been achieved through the minimal look of our ‘Fixed Bezel’ system. However we also believe that we have retained many of the functional and aesthetic aspects of the original H2O Kalmar such as its dial, hands and case.

For more information, please visit: www.h2o-watch.com