Modular Diving Saturation Systems

Oxygen Compatibility and DNV Compliance on Gas Ring Panels, Oxygen Lines and Divers Air Systems

By selecting Tungum tubing a leading modular saturation dive system company was able to ensure full
oxygen compatibility and meet stringent build requirements in accordance with DNV rules.

The Challenge 

With more than 40 saturation systems delivered worldwide, Drass Galeazzi is the world-recognised leader of Saturation Diving System design, manufacture and installation. In 2005 they needed to introduce a DNV approved high quality tubing offering corrosion resistance and oxygen compatibility for use on the gas ring panels, oxygen lines and divers air systems. They needed a proven product which would meet DNV rules and perform continually and reliably in this demanding safety critical application. 

The Tungum Solution 

Drass chose Tungum for its excellent features and benefits including: Oxygen compatibility – non-sparking. Conforms to ASTM G124-10

  • High corrosion resistance to sea water and it’s atmosphere
  • Recommended by IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association, ref IMCA D 012 – 1998
  • Non-magnetic properties
  • Clean bore feature which makes it ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • Excellent thermal conductivity

These features and benefits have proved invaluable in piping high pressure gases, particularly oxygen where Tungum’s thermal conductivity/diffusivity characteristics virtually eliminate the dangers of explosions taking place. 

The Result 

Since introducing Tungum tubing in 2005 it is now the material of choice for Drass on the above systems. The CEO of T2 Alloys Limited visited Drass in March 2010 and was informed that Tungum tubing is performing well with no reported problems. Positive feedback was also received on how easy the tube is to work with and assemble.