M Subs - Submersibles Air Conditioning Unit

The Challenge

 M Subs Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture and operation of manned and unmanned submersibles for military and commercial markets.   

A critical part of their systems is the Air Conditioning unit needed to ensure adequate cooling of the atmosphere, for the crew that operates for extended periods beneath the sea, and the electronic systems on unmanned vessels.

The Tungum Solution

To produce the AC cooling coils M Subs chose Tungum tube for its excellent features and benefits including:

Oxygen compatibility – non-sparking. Conforms to ASTM G124-10

High corrosion resistance to sea water and it’s atmosphere

Recommended by IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association, ref IMCA D 012 - 1998

Non-magnetic properties

Clean bore feature which makes it ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications

Excellent thermal conductivity