SMP Hyperbaric Chamber

Tungum tube used for HP gas lines

SMP design and manufacture in the UK a range of hyperbaric chambers and hyperbaric medical chambers for the commercial diving industry and medical industry.

All of their hyperbaric chambers / medical chambers are designed to meet IMCA and ADC standards and as a result are exported worldwide.  At their factory in the UK, they have stock of new hyperbaric chambers and used hyperbaric chambers and refurbish existing hyperbaric chamber units.

The Tungum Solution

SMP chose Tungum for its excellent features and benefits including:

Oxygen compatibility – non-sparking. Conforms to ASTM G124-10

High corrosion resistance to sea water and it’s atmosphere

Recommended by IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association, ref IMCA D 012 - 1998

Non-magnetic properties

Clean bore feature which makes it ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications

Excellent thermal conductivity

The Result

These features and benefits have proved invaluable in piping high pressure gases, particularly oxygen where Tungum’s thermal conductivity/diffusivity characteristics virtually eliminate the dangers of explosions taking place.  Positive feedback has been received from SMP on how easy Tungum is to work with and assemble.

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