Espoir FPSO

Production facility for oil & natural gas using supplier 3Sun Limited

By selecting Tungum tubing, 3Sun Limited were able to reduce the risk of tube line failure due to saltwater corrosion.

The Challenge 

Espoir, CNR, – is leading production facility for oil & natural gas for Cote d’Ivoire, located 19 km offshore of Jacqueville, 60 km southwest of Abidjan, in water depths ranging from 100m to 600m. Hydraulic and pneumatic instrumentation tubing, 316 Stainless Steel was being used and showing signs of corrosion. 

The Tungum Solution 

3Sun Limited chose Tungum tubing for its proven track record in seawater environments, its resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. The tube possesses a natural protection mechanism whereby, on exposure to salt spray, a very thin oxide coating is generated over the exposed service, no more than two thousandths of an inch thick, when complete. The tube becomes discoloured and it may even have a verdigris coating, but under the oxide layer the tube material is perfect and will remain so for the lifetime of the vessel. 

The Result 

3Sun Limited have been installing Tungum since they started working on this project in 2010, due to the excellent properties Tungum can offer to the offshore environment.