Cromhall Dive Centre

Trimix / Nitrox Gas Mixing System

Tungum® tubing being used in a Trimix/Nitrox gas mixing system for Cromhall Dive Centre.

Where and why Tungum is used

Cromhall Diving Centre is the UK representative for the LM-NT Continuous Process blending systems that supply pre-mixed low pressure O2/He to the compressor for direct filling of diving cylinders with Nitrox (max 40%) and Trimix.

The diving cylinders do not need to be oxygen cleaned to fill with this process and the system eliminates the risks of partial pressure blending.

Cromhall Dive Centre 

Cromhall Quarry is 9.5 acre body of water just of the M5 north of Bristol. The slightly undulating rock bottom gives an ideal training depth of 17 metres.

At the north end of the quarry is a pontoon floating in 15 metres of water that has been specifically designed for ease of use by divers. The former limestone quarry has filled naturally, with underwater visibility during April 2011 of up to 5-6 metres, which is expected to rise to 8-10 metres during the Summer.

Tungum tubing is performing well with no reported problems in the gas mixing system. Positive feedback was also received on how easy the tube is to work with and assemble.

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