Diavaz – Marine Operations, Testimonial


Dr. José Cortés, Diving Medical Physician and IMCA Coordinator at Constructora Subacuática Diavaz of Mexico, with 37 years working in commercial offshore diving as a Life Support Technician, Supervisor & Superintendent of diving in hyperbaric saturation diving systems, comments: 

"Many foreign ships with diving systems have arrived in Mexico since the beginning of the construction of one of the largest oil fields in the offshore world, the Campeche Sound in the Gulf of Mexico.  These DSV's brought saturation diving systems, mobile and fixed of very diverse complexity, built by different companies and what we always found very clear is that with the least maintenance issues we encountered were those with the network of gas lines using Tungum.  Tungum is a high-quality tubing with great resistance to corrosion, which does not require much maintenance, unlike stainless steel tubing, which had to be changed at least every 3 years due to corrosion".

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