Offshire Oil & Gas – Tungum tube is widely used in the oil & gas market for high quality, safety critical applications.

Successful FPSO build at Jurong Shipyard, Singapore

BP’s FPSO PSVM was built at Jurong Shipyard, Singapore for Block 31 off Angola – utilises Tungum Corrosion Resistant Tubing Tungum. 

In July 2008, MODEC was awarded a frame agreement to supply the FPSO for the PSVM project. MODEC subcontracted Jurong Shipyard to convert the very large crude carrier (VLCC) tanker Ex-Bourgogne to FPSO PSVM. The FPSO is designed for 20 years of deployment without drydocking. 

The conversion of VLCC tanker Ex-Bourgogne to PSVM FPSO was completed in April 2010.

When your tubing is used on a new project you want to hear that there were no issues with bending, assembly and that all joints were successfully made first time. That is exactly the feedback Tungum tube was given by MODEC engineers and the team at Jurong. Shipyard, Singapore.

Tungum Tubing was used extensively on marine systems and non-critical utility systems in accordance with PSVM Project requirements.

Tungum Tubing on the FPSO PSVM – fully compatible with 316 stainless steel fittings throughout.

The Tungum Solution

Systems specified with Tungum tube include: Instrument Air, Utility Air, Starting Air, Potable Water, Hydraulic Fluid, Nitrogen, Vents & Sounds, Bilge, Black and Grey water. Tungum tube supplied from ¼” to 1” diameters.