Tungum tube used in offshore applications

Tungum tube used in offshore applications

It's Tungum Tuesday! FPSO's seem to be the topic of discussion this month so I thought we could list all the areas where Tungum tube has been applied.


Offshore platforms & associated specialized vessels (FPSO’s, DSV’s, etc.):


1) Hydraulic & pneumatic control, instrumentation & impulse lines.

2) Firefighting (deluge) control & instrumentation lines.

3) Compressed air “mains”.

4) Water systems, including potable, grey, black, salt and fresh.

5) Diesel and gasoline fuel lines.

6) Life support systems including oxygen lines.

7) Miscellaneous marine auxiliary systems (pedestal cranes, winch, and other mechanical handling systems).

8) Drill floor hydraulics & controls.

9) Conduit tubing for emergency shutdown systems.

10) Chemical injection lines – CAUTION, solution compatibility should be tested or confirmed prior to use.


For more Tungum applications, visit https://www.t2alloys.com/Products/Tungum_Tubing/Applications.html for detailed application sheets.

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