T2 Tungum Team News

T2 Tungum Team News

At T2 Alloys, we are all dedicated to our clients. We take pride in going the extra mile each and every day, but our Head of Global Sales, Ruben Muro, goes further than most…. many miles further in fact.

That’s because he also works as a mechanic on a professional race team. Ruben serves as what’s known as a ‘fly-in’; he flies in for the weekend events, works as part of the crew, then flies back for his day-job (with us) on Monday morning. Racing is something Ruben has been involved in for nearly 20 years, and it’s something that he’s passionate about. Despite only flying in for the race meetings, he is as dedicated to the team as those who are full-time crew members.

Working as part of a team in a high-pressure environment means that everyone has to pitch in and know that the rest of the team is driven towards the ultimate goal of a race win. Never was that more evident than at the last meeting of the season, where Ruben’s team, ESM Racing, were running four cars. The race was at Road Atlanta, which is considered a challenging track at the best of times. The team suffered four engine failures which meant that the mechanics had to complete four total engine replacements in one weekend, and get the cars ready for qualifying and the race itself.

They achieved it. All four cars started, and the team ended up scooping third and fourth in the championship overall – a great result, and our congratulations go to the entire team. But the hard work doesn’t stop here… preparation is already well underway for next season, and the team is hoping for the coveted number one spot.

At T2 Alloys, we always want the best for our customers, looking to help them achieve their goals, whatever they may be. With Ruben heading up global sales, it’s clear to see that we have a real ‘driver’ steering sales for us, and we wish his race team all the best for next year.

For further information on the ESM team, visit www.esmracing.com