T2 Alloys Shows Green Credentials

T2 Alloys Shows Green Credentials

Tungum tubing is delivered to us in 6-metre-long wooden cases. Some of these are reused, but over time the empty cases start to take up valuable storage space and need to be disposed of. 

It is not economical to return cases to the mill, so in the past surplus cases have been disassembled and taken away for use as firewood.


As part of our continuous improvement processes, our Warehouse Supervisor put forward the suggestion of carefully dismantling the cases to recover timbers for use in the construction of new cases, or as thinner packaging support batons. 

Used cases are now stripped down on-site and cut down into specific re-usable sizes and sections.


As a result of this green initiative we now have a low cost, environmentally sound solution to disposing of our wood waste through recycling.

This has enabled us to cut our own wooden batons and make custom sized timber cases. These would normally have been ordered in as new, so this solution is also saving time and money furthering our value-added service philosophy. 

This also creates a safer work environment by saving space and reducing the risk of a fire hazard inside our premises.

For more information on Tungum tubing and any special packaging requirements please contact us here.