Introducing....     T-Straws! 

What is a T-Straw? 

T-straw is a drinking straw made from our Tungum tube alloy.  Why Tungum?  Becuase it is the most hygenic of all the drinking straw options and because it is reusable, it is safe for the environment as well.  

What should you know about your new T-Straw?

T-Straw is made from Tungum and is 100% reusable!  It is antimicrobial, just as strong as stainless steel, and will give you years of enjoyment which means there is no need for plastic or paper straws.

Order yours today!

Because your T-Straw is not coated with any paints, plastics or chemicals, it will tarnish.  Not to worry, just follow the cleaning instructions using lemon and salt and you can restore your T-Straw back to its beautiful gold luster both inside and out.

Note: Do not use for hot liquids and do not place in the dishwasher.  Both will tarnish the surface but if this occurs, simply clean the surface as instructed.