Tungum tubing is widely used in the marine market for high quality, safety critical applications.

Why Tungum?

The commercial marine industry has made good use of Tungum tube in overcoming the corrosion problems they face. Roll-on/roll-off ferries use it on the exposed lines associated with bow visors and bow and stern door ramps.

This usage has also spread to Tungum tubing being used for the hydraulic systems on link-spans, which once built are often buried or inaccessible. Design and Installation Engineers in this sector are often asked to guarantee a system for 25 years but will only do so if the system is a Tungum one. A major mechanical services consultant has given their own 50 year guarantee on a hydraulic system for the Colne river barrage near Colchester. A current example of this type of installation would be the link-span at the Holyhead ferry terminal.

Superior corrosion protection

BP has approved Tungum tubing for “non process” applications DWGOM (GP36-15-1). Tungum has passed extensive testing and is segment defined for mitigating and preventing external corrosion on topside small bore tubing.

Long-life offshore

The long-life of Tungum alloy compared to stainless steel gives significant down-time savings – a massive 4 – 6 times the life!

Easy to work with

Tungum is relatively easy to bend which means fast installation times and reduced costs – typically 1/3 of the installation time of stainless steel.

Industry compatible

Fits with all industry accepted tube fittings.