Covid-19 - T2 Alloys Statement

Covid-19 - T2 Alloys Statement

Dear clients, suppliers, and business partners:

           T2 Alloys Limited is currently working as normal given the current global atmosphere.  We recognize the threat this virus brings to our community and we are taking all the necessary measures recommended by the health authorities.

           Regarding our supply chain, there is no disruption to the supply of Tungum to the global market.  Shipments are being delivered as normal from our facility in the UK and all necessary interaction with outside delivery personnel is limited to essential contact to conduct business. 

All personnel inside our facility show no signs of sickness and are following all recommendations to stop the spread of the virus.  Also, all personnel have been asked to terminate all travel plans outside of their base location and any face to face meetings postponed, rescheduled, or diverted to video-conferencing.

Within our organization we are now meeting twice a week via teleconference to discuss any developments on the Covid-19 virus that may affect our clients and business partners to make sure we are acting responsible and in the best interest of all those involved.         

As a departing thought, Tungum alloy UNS C69100 is a copper-based alloy which is inherently antimicrobial.  This means that the surfaces of Tungum tube continuously kill bacteria between routine cleanings.  For more information please visit the website below.